Sunday, February 15, 2015

Throwback Cat 1993!

Throwback Cat 1993
colored pencil and markers on approx. 6x9 smooth bristol

It's about time I posted my first 2015 update!

This was a fun excuse to use a lucky find from I've Been Framed: Lyra Color-Giants. They are MASSIVE colored pencils that layer well with Prismacolors. I bought the five colors available, but I plan on buying the full 18-color set from Blick soon. They'll be indispensable for large works!

Original 1993 doodle.
Outlines drawn with Prismacolor Fine Line Markers.

Lyra Color-Giant (Farb-Riese) on left; Prismacolor on right.

Throwback Cat served as an important reminder that smooth bristol cannot handle as many layers as Stonehenge paper can. Overlapping is evident in many places, but I'll consider it a warm-up for the Oaxacan Toucan. For all the planning I did last year, the Toucan never saw its sketch stage. I'm going to fix that this year!
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