Friday, February 11, 2011

Costumed Figure Drawing: building up from breaking down.

My weakest piece to date (the right edge is cropped). I learned how difficult it is to try to reproduce colors in different media from my studies onto a final piece. I received good crits on it - and believe me, it's good to get crits on something you're not happy with, so you know how to fix it later - but varying factors I experienced Monday night stressed me to the point of depression by the time I got home. I worry too much sometimes about how I'll get myself out in the art world, and it's heightened a bit by my impending graduation.

I skipped my morning class Tuesday and got ten hours of sleep rather than four; the lack of sleep I would have had was a huge factor in stressing me out. Felt infinitely better afterward.

I'll treat it as a learning experience.

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