Friday, February 11, 2011

Costumed Figure Drawing: week 5's home studies!

Here are some drawings I'm eager to share. Rather than continue the 'painterly' fad, I decided to go back to what I feel is one of my core strengths: pen and ink drawing.

^ Drawn in my 6" x 9" Canson watercolor block with Speedball Super Pigmented Acrylic Ink and a 513EF nib; light wash added with a water brush. I went off of my personal notes and tried to emulate Peter Chung's (Aeon Flux) work a bit.

As much as I disliked the single line technique in the beginning drawing classes way back when, I incorporated some almost-single-line drawing in this study. I like the effect.

^ A repeat study, this time in my 7" x 10" watercolor pad (second one!). I used the 513EF nib again, but the ink is Higgins Calligraphy Waterproof Black Ink. It's far more subtle than the Speedball ink. Speedball is the best ink I've used.

^ Back to Speedball. For inspiration, I looked through my books on Eugene Delacroix and Henrich Kley. Their draftsmanship is unparalleled - particularly Kley's, if you want my biased opinion. These two studies were a lot of fun!

^ Final study for the day (now yesterday; I need to stop feeding my night owl habits). I think I'll turn this guy into an angel-type figure with a broken wing.

THIS is the direction I want to push forward in, something more illustrative and catered to my strengths. I had fun with the first few projects, but I want to use the inker's approach for more of my projects.
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