Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oaxacan Bearded Dragon, Stage 4 COMPLETE!

^ I begin priming the belly.

^ Belly painted, minus later touch-ups.

^ Working left to right, I prime and paint the hind leg.

^ Scales and markings roughed in.

^ Markings continued onto toes.

^ Hind leg fully painted!

^ I prime the forelegs with a slightly darker color.

^ Markings added to toes.

^ Scales roughed in for right foreleg.

^ Scales roughed in for outer left foreleg...

^ ...and inner left foreleg.

^ Pulling back to show scales thus far.

^ Crosshatching on throat marks rough scale placement.

^ Scales defined more clearly.

^ Local hue painted over scales (I will go back and detail them further).

^ I prepare the other side of the jaw with Dark Purple to help denote depth.

^ Left foreleg painted with local hue. Again, I will return to it for detailing.

^ Markings primed onto right foreleg.

^ Toe markings defined more clearly.

^ Scales roughed in for shoulder.

^ Shading primed in for scales.

^ Markings painted in.

^ Right foreleg painted!

^ Shoulder painted. Scales detailed again later on.

^ "Shiny shot" focused on shoulder scales.

^ Scales roughed in on throat.

^ Shading added.

^ Color palette! I wore a few of these pencils to nubs while working on the Dragon.

^ The Oaxacan Bearded Dragon is COMPLETE!

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