Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oaxacan Horse, Stage 1!

^ Rather than trace my lineart with ballpoint, I opted to keep the pencil lines intact and color over them with Verithins.

^ Feathering begun...

^ ...and finished on right foreleg.

^ Pulling back to show the completed hooves.

^ Belly outlined, with light markings penciled in.

^ I outline the forelock and mane with Process Red; the eye with Ultramarine.

^ The tail is also outlined with Process Red.

^ Finished color outlines!

^ Obligatory skewed-angle shot.

^ Facial marking and eye completed, I move onto the forelock; I prime it with Aquamarine.

^ Magenta added.

^ Dahlia Purple and Violet complete the forelock's shadows.

^ Orange added for a 'highlight.'

^ Magenta completes the forelock!

^ My color palette, worked out last night (along with all progress seen on this post). Printed inspiration beneath it. For a bolder selection, I left yellow out and replaced it with Chartreuse.

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