Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Oaxacan Barn Owl Dragon, Part 5!

Saturday, September 3rd was my longest workday: 8.3 hours!

Far wing almost done!
Aaand: DONE!

Priming and painting light colors is murder on my eyes. My astigmatism acted up a lot, mostly due to intense focus.

Shiny feathers!
I needed a break badly at this point...

Took a bike ride up Powell Butte to loosen up. I was rewarded with this amazing scene at the summit!

Back to work: tail feathers almost complete!

Today's music:

Depeche Mode MEGAMIX
Depeche Mode, "Flexible (Foretaste Mix)"
Depeche Mode, Remixes 81-84
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Fruit
Kavinsky, 1986
Love and Rockets, Sorted! The Best Of
Beats Antique, Blind Threshold
De/Vision, Popgefahr
De/Vision, I Regret (single)
Goldfrapp, Head First
Goldfrapp, Supernature
Goldfrapp, Black Cherry

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