Monday, September 26, 2016

Book cover: The House of Lazarus, Part 2: DONE!

House of Lazarus cover
11x17 acrylic ink and gouache on smooth bristol paper

Final 6x9-proportioned file!

Three digital mockups I made to explore figure placement and texture.

6x9-proportioned study on cold-pressed watercolor paper.

Inked with a 3/4" wash brush. I should make more work like this for INKtober!

Black acrylic ink finished off with white acrylic paint.

Drafted with a Palomino Blackwing pencil. Kneaded eraser helps to knock pencil back for inks!

Inking begun with a Hunt 513EF nib - my favorite!

I made a smudge cover out of a scrap of matboard. Brush inking begun on hair.

I can use the margins as I work to clear excess ink from my nibs and brushes.

All done! I inked to the borders to allow for some wiggle room on the final file.

Tiana, thank you again SO MUCH for commissioning me for another book cover! This was an absolute treat to work on, and it helps me feel that my skills are improving, slowly but surely. Plus, who doesn't love zombies? :D

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