Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Oaxacan Barn Owl Dragon, Part 1!

Oaxacan Barn Owl Dragon
11x14 colored pencil on vellum bristol

I scanned the lineart by itself for posterity!

WHEW. I did it. I busted this happy gal out over the course of 8 days: August 29th through September 5th. In terms of the span of days, she's the fastest Oaxacan Animal I've completed to date. But the sheer time I devoted to her outranks that of any Oaxacan Animal prior: 32 hours!

As with any Oaxacan Animal, the Barn Owl Dragon began as a series of rough sketches and concepts. I'm terribly fond of taking gratuitous desk shots nowadays, so:

Stopping point for the 30th: face and horns outlined!
Tuesday, August 30th was a short work day; my aunt dropped by to bring me a piece of furniture for my bearded dragon's terrarium!

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