Monday, December 12, 2011

Oaxacan Octopus, Stage 4!

^ New spade shapes penciled in with Col-Erase. 

^ Spade shapes outlined with Verithins. 

^ All spades outlined! 

 ^ Spades colored in similarly to eyes stripes.

^ Closeup on spades; more markings penciled in. 

^ Same markings on other tentacles. 

^ In-progress view: Apple Green applied, followed by Yellow Chartreuse.

^ Stripes finished. 

^ Blues primed in; Navy Blue painted in along zig-zag border. 

^ Up-to-date look at the Oaxacan Octopus!

I don't have a lot left to color at this point; just have to decide what patterns I want to use to finish this guy.

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