Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sketchbook_Creatura Pages 49 - 60 DONE!

Creatura is DONE! I'm ready to move on to my next Bee Paper Super Deluxe sketchbook, a 6" x 12" I'll likely dub Creatura 2.

Seen here are more sketches of my personal fantasy characters, namely Bobbin (the little cat guy), Silverclaw (the gryphon), Tretzanis (the god of discord), Ezthlitofett (the big dog warrior), and Obsidian Magmathroat (the dragon). I've had a penchant for giving my characters unpronounceable names since I was a kid. At least Bobbin, Silverclaw, and Obsidian have it easy as far as introductions are concerned.

Everything else comprises on-a-whim ideas and a bit of oddball humor.

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