Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sketchbook_Creatura 2 Page 25: Raccheruchhe

Drawn last night before going to bed. Raccheruchhe ('RAW-keh'ruke), or "Restorer," is a godling from my long-standing fantasy story under the working title Legacy. She can restore souls to their physical form, but suffers chronic pain as a result. Although she is generally patient and loving with her siblings, she is renowned for her vicious temper.

Sketched from imagination; I know a lot of her anatomy is off, barring its mutations. Her skull is based off a tiger's crossed with the upper canine sheaths of Thylacosmilus, a prehistoric marsupial. I referenced a tiger skull photo to clean up my guesswork. For a more unsettling look, I moved her main pair of horns so they emanate from her eye sockets.

^ An older pen and ink sketch of Raccheruchhe from 2010.

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