Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oaxacan Octopus, Stage 3!

^ I begin patterning the first tentacle: spots! 

^ I decide on seven spots per tentacle. The remainder is colored as well. 

^ Pulling back to show my progress. Two down, four to go! 

^ I color in between the sucker pads. 

^ Spots added to two more tentacles. 

^ Spots colored; remainder slowly gains color. 

^ I apply Canary Yellow and Yellowed Orange as I go down the tentacle. 

^ I stop with Yellowed Orange before removing the artist tape and Post-It Notes. 

^ Three down, three to go! 

^ The sucker pads get a complementary priming layer. 

^ Green sucker pads on purple = yes. 

^ I add the sixth tentacle's spots. 

^ Singled out with Post-Its and artist tape. 

^ Yellow Chartreuse added around spots. 

 ^ I color around each spot, progressing with Yellow Chartreuse, Canary Yellow, Yellowed Orange, Orange, Red Orange, Crimson Red, and Raspberry (see below).

^ The Oaxactopus at its current state!

Stage 3 spanned roughly 3 hours, 22 minutes; I worked on and off throughout the day, taking breaks to rest my hand. It's filling out again, but my thumb got to the soreness point of staying indented when I pressed on it.

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