Friday, November 4, 2016

INKtober 2016, Day 29!

INKtober 2016, Day 29: Kitty-Witch
9x12 linocut prints on Canson XL watercolor paper

Quick doodle on my bristol 'placemat,' and rough linoleum sketch.
Blick Speedy-Carve block: easier to cut than regular linoleum.
Colored pencil rubbing test!

I used a printmaking baren to hand-press my first test prints on various papers; they were too blurry. Eventually, I used only hand pressure on watercolor paper, and got the crisp prints I wanted!

I rarely make linocut prints anymore, but that may change now that I've finally used Speedy-Carve blocks. I'd bought a couple of them - one Blick, one Speedball - a few years ago, and they sat unused until Halloween. They are more expensive than traditional linoleum blocks, but they are SO much easier to cut! I don't have to warm them up before cutting them.

At some point, I might stock up on some Speedy-Carve blocks at I've Been Framed. I love discount art supply stores!
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