Saturday, September 5, 2015

Oaxacan Toucan - DONE!

Wing coverts impressed with a stylus.
Primed with Lyra Color-Giants, finished with Prismacolors.

I decided to color in some of the impressed lines on the bill.

Right wing finished!

The ARM-adillo was helpful for keeping wanted colors organized.

My original five Color-Giants are getting smaller and smaller.

11x14 colored pencil on Strathmore Windpower vellum bristol paper
approx. 17.6 hours

The Oaxacan Toucan is DONE! I finished her in time for a small gallery showing on Wednesday; I have large prints ready to sell at RCCC in a couple weeks.

For its size, the Toucan was completed in a shorter amount of time than most of the preceding Oaxacan Animals. The majority are 9x12.
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