Thursday, September 10, 2015

BRAINSICK: Precipice & Sans Warning

BRAINSICK : Precipice
9x12 mixed media on Crescent Rendr paper

BRAINSICK : Sans Warning
9x12 pen and marker on Crescent Rendr paper

Spontaneous art is rare for me these days. Whereas in high school I created much of my work on the fly, now I'm lucky if I don't overthink myself out of finishing x number of ideas.

A couple days ago, I made a sketch I rather liked:

Sketchbook version of Precipice.

I decided to redo it directly on a free sheet of paper. Crescent Rendr paper is wonderful: absolutely nothing bleeds through to the other side. (However, time allows certain marker colors - yellows, in my experience - to cause a bloom on the other side after a couple years.)

Sans Warning is a rework of "Shakin' Like Tremolo" - a spontaneous 2005 drawing:

2005 and 2010 renditions "Shakin' Like Tremolo." Inspired by The Cars' "Moving In Stereo."

It felt wonderful drawing these new pieces. Seeing as INKtober is around the corner, I need to rekindle my ink-madness and get ready for a month of new drawings! I want to elaborate on old and new concepts - hopefully without making anything too similar to what I've done already.

The sketch page of Precipice was drawn to Porcupine Tree's "The Sky Moves Sideways (Alternate)."
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