Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sketchbook_Brain Drain 16 Pages 47 - 60!

Drawn September 7 and 8.

 "One Slip" by Pink Floyd
"Hide U (Version)" by Kosheen
"Dead Man Walking" by David Bowie

 "Junkhead" by Alice In Chains
"Enjoy" by Bjork
"Make This Go On Forever" by Snow Patrol

"Cuts You Up" by Peter Murphy

 "Who Makes You Feel" by Dido
"Nature of Inviting" by IAMX
"Empty Skies" by Kosheen
"Secondskin (Spoken)" by VNV Nation

 "Forgive Me" by Infected Mushroom
"Coward" by Assemblage 23
"Raw" by Assemblage 23

 "Beloved" by VNV Nation
"Skyquake" by Assemblage 23
"Halo" by Depeche Mode
"Solitary" by VNV Nation

 "We Are The Lost" by Gary Numan
"Disappearing" by Peter Murphy

 "Shortwired (Synthetic Dream Foundation Remix)" by Grendel
"Ghost" by VNV Nation

 "Rain Falls Down" by Assemblage 23
"Take My Hand" by Dido

 "Smalltime Shot Away" by Massive Attack
"Truth" by Assemblage 23
"Shock the Monkey" by Peter Gabriel

 "Subway" by Peter Murphy
"In Dir" by De/Vision
"Uneven & Brittle" by Peter Murphy

 "Dislocated Day" by Porcupine Tree
"Dirtywhirl" by TV On The Radio

 "Breathe" by Prodigy
"My Head Sounds Like That" by Peter Gabriel

"Crosstalk" by Assemblage 23
"Low Five" by Sneaker Pimps

That's a wrap for Brain Drain 16. I hope you enjoyed seeing my square sketchbook experiments!
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