Friday, June 20, 2014

30 Day Art Challenge, Day 18!

Day 18: Draw a couple (any two people).

Two pages exploring how Tailscuff (the big guy) and Kritchpaw would interact.

Maybe it's a stretch drawing cartoon cat-things in place of people - but this was a good excuse to continue developing their designs! These two (along with Maubork) are part of a fledgling story idea I have under the working title KMT. I think they may be pit fighters of some kind.

Tailscuff's hind legs are underdeveloped, so he uses his tail like a third leg. Kritchpaw cares about him like a brother, even though she's not quick to show it.

A study made to fix the positioning of Kritchpaw's forelegs.
9" x 12" Prismacolor pencil and Copic marker on sketchbook paper
Quad side view of Kritchpaw drawn on tracing paper.

Her lifted foreleg needs a design tweak, and I don't think her shoulder should be so defined. She can switch between bipedal and quadrupedal locomotion.

Slightly earlier pages revisiting Kritchpaw for the first time since INKtober.
On the second page, I forgot that her chest is nothing but fluff.

Playing around with Tailscuff's poses / mobility. The mouse is named Friend.

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