Saturday, November 7, 2015

INKvember #1!

INKvember #1: Gravity's Angel (redux)
9x12 technical pen on Stonehenge paper

Yeah, I know: 'INKvember' is sooo creative. But! - it's a continuation of INKtober, so why not?

I'm not after daily drawings this month; my goal is to create a handful of polished drawings. Subject matter will cover Brainsick, Legacy, KriMauTai, and more.

This is the look I need to continue developing. I love having pieces I can work on over the course of a few or several days. Something to unwind with after working retail!

For inspiration, I referred to Sergio Toppi's incomparable Sharaz-De: Tales from the Arabian Nights. I wanted to play with composition and negative space.

Original INKtober concepts.

Desk setup, plus Toppi's Sharaz-De.

Stippling: my former artsy arch-nemesis is now one of my greatest stress-reducers.

Original version followed by digitally-altered variations.

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