Wednesday, February 19, 2014

BRAINSICK: Decay Maquette, Part 1!

Another project I began in December: a maquette of Decay, one of Paranoid's hallucinations. I've wanted to sculpt her for ages, largely because I have not successfully drawn her face head-on before!

Decay is a partial armature at the moment. I'm focusing of getting Brainsick ready for my beta readers, so I've put the maquette off temporarily.

Armature mount, from a setup used for a 2008 college sculpture.
Easily obtained from Home Depot!

13" x 14" pine base.

Example of the proportions I'm aiming for.

Feet secured with screws and washers.
Decay thus far: a wire skeleton.
I'll continue working on her within the next few months, if all goes well. Keep your eyes peeled!

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