Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sketchbook_Brain Drain 11 Pages 58 - 73!

Drawn to "Synesthesia" by Porcupine Tree.
Twitch, one of Brainsick's antagonists.
He is cannibalistic and sadomasochistic.
Above, left: a rough sketch of Rant based off an earlier sketch.
Above, right: an adapted sketch using marker paper over the original (not pictured). 

Dane, a harlequin Great Dane.
He is bigoted, standoffish, and stubborn, but ultimately a good guy.
Trochilidae Oddballs, 2005
New Trochilidae oddballs!
Vixec (FEE'kess), one of my hummingbird-hound critters.
Vixec revamped. Fun pose! I should animate this guy...

Giraffes and "Girummingbirds" or "Trochiliraffes."

2005 and 2006 Girummingbirds.

The Clawguard are vicious villains from Tad Williams's Tailchaser's Song.
I first read the book my junior year of high school, and it's one of my favorite fantasy novels.

Dremmenenthreareh (dare you to pronounce it!), your run-of-the-mill demon hybrid.
She is Ezthlitofett's adopted daughter.

Ezthlitofett has been with me since seventh grade.
Above left sketch is from 2004.

"Equino Mystiquea," crazy name for a spontaneous set of drawings (both from 2004).

Equino Mystiquea sketched anew.
Anatomy still needs tinkering, but I think it's quite an improvement.

Facing pages featuring Paranoid, The Black Mass, Lily, Ginger, Vex, Char, and Celeste.

Above left: an abstract kitty from 1993.
Above right: a quick reimagining I want to take to a finish on nicer paper.

Above left: more critter from 1993, and some of my favorite bits of nostalgia.
Above right: updated versions - this is one of my favorite current sketch pages!

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