Saturday, November 5, 2011

Oaxacan Horse, Stage 5 COMPLETE!

^ First order of business: obligatory shiny shot. 

^ Rib and belly markings colored. 

^ Right hind leg primed with Non-Photo Blue. 

^ Primed with Ultramarine and True Blue. 

^ Fully painted with a finishing layer of Non-Photo Blue. 

^ I color the stripes above the fetlock. 

^ Rib cage primed. 

^ Spiral motif detailed / impressed into paper. 

^ I gradate the colors for the rest of the motif. 

^ Hip motif colored! 

^ You will be missed, Non-Photo Blue nubbin. 

^ Outer edge of haunch painted. 

^ Inner haunch primed. 

^ Haunch fully primed! 

^ Ultramarine priming / painting. 

^ Impressed lines colored Orange. 

^ Haunch painted! Spiral motif drops are all that's left here. 

^ Right-rear fetlock is primed and painted similarly to the forelock and mane. 

^ Dahlia Purple is followed by Violet. 

^ Fetlock painted! 


^ Tail primed with Aquamarine. 

^ More shadows primed. 

^ Violet added. 

^ Dahlia Purple added.

^ The Oaxacan Horse is COMPLETE!

I may try to adjust the colors in PS again; it's difficult to try to match super-saturated colors on a computer.

Enjoy! Thank you for following my progress or stopping by.

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