Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oaxacan Horse, Stage 3!

^ I bring more True Green onto the throat; body markings penciled in.
 ^ Foreleg / shoulder marking defined and impressed into paper with True Green Verithin.

^ Spine motif defined with Violet Col-Erase and Verithin. 

 ^ The rest of the throat and the chest are colored.

^ I begin priming and painting the neck with Non-Photo Blue. I've painted the hind legs' stockings and hooves.

^ More of the neck is painted; I use True Blue and Ultramarine for gradating. 

^ I was going to leave the impressed lines white, but on a whim I decided to make them Orange; I'm happy with the result. Due to complementary reaction, the Chartreuse appears yellow.

^ I begin detailing the mane with Aquamarine, marking shadows. 

^ Mane primed with Aquamarine. 

 ^ Mane primed with Magenta.

 ^ Shadows polished off with Dahlia Purple and Violet.

^ The rest of the mane is painted following the same method I used for the forelock.

^ Macro on my Orange pencil, reduced to a nub. Time to use the new Orange! 

^ Forelegs primed with True Green and Non-Photo Blue; belly spots painted with Orange.

^ Forelegs (wrist down) painted!

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