Monday, April 28, 2014

BRAINSICK: Spend All Our Day in a Dream, 2014!

Spend All Our Day in a Dream, 2014
9" x 12" Prismacolor marker and technical pen on bristol paper
This is a revamp of an older piece depicting two of Brainsick's most important characters: Finch Cosaat, a major protagonist, and Anne Hades (haydz), the antagonist. The one word that best describes their relationship is abusive.

Overall, I'm happy with how this turned out. I've felt down about my work recently, so I forced myself to start something and FINISH it. I hadn't made anything this extensive with my markers in years. My biggest nitpicks are that Finch's features got skewed despite using his model sheets and the composition isn't as tight as I'd wanted. Also, I should have kept Anne's head more stylized and rounded it out on the right edge. I referenced my reflection for Anne and the positioning of Finch's arm.

If I created this yet again with my colored pencils, I think I could more easily achieve the results I was after.

The original is inspired by Goldfrapp's "Crystalline Green." For the revamp, I listened to the song for several hours on repeat (with headphones). Sustained background music is helpful for this kind of work; my Brainsick inspiration playlist is massive.

Spend All Our Day in a Dream, 2007
5.5" x 8.5" Prismacolor marker, Micron, and colored pencil on bristol

Sketchbook scribbles and color studies.

Above left: rough pencil sketch with Grey Col-Erase. Above left: rough outlining with Copic Multi-Liner. 

At this stage, the piece looks like bad highlighter art. Soon to be fixed!

Adding the darkest tones with Dark Purple; starting the hair.

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