Sunday, May 15, 2011

BRAINSICK art: Assuage Me of My Fears (2004) and Leave My Fears Unrealized (2007)

^ "Assuage Me of My Fears" - 2004, Pigma Micron 005 and Prismacolor markers on smooth bristol. This piece represents the current (a la 2004) cast of Brainsick, alongside a smattering of themes.

^ "Leave My Fears Unrealized" - 2007, pencil on smooth bristol. This drawing - a revamp of "Assuage Me of My Fears" - was never finished and never will be, though I do like the composition fairly well. I'd like to revamp the concept as a promotional poster for Brainsick one of these days. It will be done!

I'd had a lot of trouble getting my human characters' faces to look right; it was not until I began college that I learned the value of thumbnail drawings.
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