Thursday, March 19, 2015

BRAINSICK: Heads and Hearts in Opposition

Heads and Hearts in Opposition
approx. 6x9 technical pen on smooth bristol

One of my goals this year is to keep practicing my inks before INKtober hits.

I've been drawing in ink for years. While my skills have improved over time, I still don't feel like I've quite hit my ideal 'look.' Drawings like this one help me think I'm getting closer.

This is yet another idea that's been with me for a few years, as seen in these sketchbook pages:

Both drawn in 2012.

I revisited the concept last year:

- and yet again this year:

I need to draw a portrait of Anne without her being a floating head.
Drawings on right referenced from mirror...
but Anne still has an ear-arm.

Auto-Align didn't quite work out for these pages...

Searching for better shapes; tracing paper draft made from sketchbook page.

Finch is asexual. Anne's advances are mostly psychological warfare.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sketchbook_Brain Drain 17.5 Pages 1 - 11!

I haven't shared any sketchbook pages for a while, so here's a sampling from Brain Drain 17.5.

Why 17.5? I haven't finished BD17, but I really wanted to break in my new Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media sketchbook. It's lovely!

Playing with shapes and stylization.

Cover concept. Covers are HARD.
Might work better as a chapter title page.

Remind me to smile
You know the old friends line
It gets so I feel like
I'm in this cold glass cage
The first version of the sketch above can be found here: Sketchbook_Brain Drain 16 Pages 27 - 36!

Another revamped sketch, initially found here: Sketchbook_Brain Drain 16 Pages 13 - 26!

Jillian, go take some figure drawing classes again.

Based off an earlier sketch using Willy Pogany's
Art of Drawing as reference.
Brush and ink.

Facing pages! This paper is sturdy and handles wet media on both sides
of a single page very well.
Gosh dang awkward arm / hand positioning.

Concept for a full revamp of ABAN-BUIL ANATHEMA.

I'll continue to update with more sketchbook pages. I often like my sketches more than my finished work, and I enjoy sharing my though process.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Throwback Cat 1993!

Throwback Cat 1993
colored pencil and markers on approx. 6x9 smooth bristol

It's about time I posted my first 2015 update!

This was a fun excuse to use a lucky find from I've Been Framed: Lyra Color-Giants. They are MASSIVE colored pencils that layer well with Prismacolors. I bought the five colors available, but I plan on buying the full 18-color set from Blick soon. They'll be indispensable for large works!

Original 1993 doodle.
Outlines drawn with Prismacolor Fine Line Markers.

Lyra Color-Giant (Farb-Riese) on left; Prismacolor on right.

Throwback Cat served as an important reminder that smooth bristol cannot handle as many layers as Stonehenge paper can. Overlapping is evident in many places, but I'll consider it a warm-up for the Oaxacan Toucan. For all the planning I did last year, the Toucan never saw its sketch stage. I'm going to fix that this year!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Scratchbord: Fate Up Against Your Will 2014 & palimpsest!

 Fate Up Against Your Will 2014
5" x 7" Scratchbord (scratchboard)

A redo of a piece some of you may recognize: Fate Up Against Your Will.

I'm not sure if this werewolf looks shocked about his transformation or if he's just singing opera.

Maybe both.

I went crazy with the fiber brush...

Since Scratchbord is coated with India ink, I was able to fix the background with more ink - in my case, Liquitex Professional Acrylic ink! Better contrast now... though there's no way that's a circular moon. I want to keep experimenting with Scratchbord, but it's spendy. Need to save up for it.

I've found an excuse to use the word palimpsest...
This was an experimentation piece, something to test out the new Scratchbord tools I bought at the start of the year. And because I didn't want to use my new Scratchbord for it, I made it over this:

Finch is almost always sadfacing.
HOLY WOW. I'm so sorry, Finch. 2004 wasn't a great time for drawing my human characters, but I tried. This photo shall be the only proof this sad little Scratchbord attempt existed. Bye, old Finch!

I've long wanted to create BIG Scratchbord pieces for Brainsick scenes. Again, must save up for it...

Monday, November 24, 2014

BRAINSICK: Decay Maquette, Part 3!

I should make a photobox for my sculptures so I can get more consistent lighting. Until then - enjoy!

Reduction around Decay's ribs.

Getting there! Photos taken on November 2.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

BRAINSICK: Decay Maquette, Part 2!

At long last, here's some progress on my Decay maquette. I finished the armature and began adding clay on October 19th; it was a much-needed break from INKtober, a chance to work my hands more thoroughly than I do while drawing.

Hole bored through foil with an old turkey skewer.

Decay stands 12" tall at the top of her mane.
I am proud to say this is my first reductive sculpture. I quickly lumped clay onto the armature without worrying about details; my college maquettes were additive. Reductive sculpting is so much quicker!

The clay is Prima Plastilina. I picked up six pounds of the stuff for a great price last year via Craigslist. I'd used Roma Plastilina during college, but only learned after graduating that it contains sulphur. Prima is sulphur-free and, unlike Roma, it does not have to be heated into pliability.

Rough clay masses visible.
Top view showing smoothed masses.

She'll be useful for drawing extreme distortion!

A couple days later, I began refining Decay while listening to music (Tears For Fears and Massive Attack, if you're curious). I wanted to tuck her belly up more since she's a gaunt thing.

I'll smooth and add / subtract where needed.
Marking Decay's extended grin.
 Decay is still a work in progress. I want to find glass beads or jewels for her eyes; sculpting them would be tedious. If I can find green rhinestones, that would be perfect.
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