Saturday, October 3, 2015

INKtober 2015, Day 3!

INKtober 2015, Day 3: Work Hazards
6x9 acrylic ink on bristol paper

Drawlloween: goblin
30 Day Monster Girl Challenge: slime
Goretober: surgery

Quick(ish) drawing for Day 3! Either I'm suddenly out of practice with my dip pens, or their nibs are going bad. They wouldn't hold ink for long at all, and I really had to press to get the ink onto paper. Looks like this is a sign to switch over to my beloved Rapidograph pens...

Slime girl patches up her goblin coworker (on the World's Laziest Background). I'll update the sketch pages tomorrow.

INKtober 2015, Day 2!

INKtober 2015, Day 2: Affliction

9x12 acrylic ink on Strathmore Mixed Media paper

Drawlloween: devil
30 Day Monster Girl Challenge: centaur
Goretober: extra eyes / limbs / etc.

My centaur turned into a cat-taur. She's still a 'taur nonetheless! I'll update this post with my progress sketches later; I want to post my finished art for now.

I may go back and touch up some areas; using a #8 round brush for large washes isn't the best idea. Use masking fluid, Jillian!

This poor gal is a demon hybrid whose demonic features have just begun to appear. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

INKtober 2015, Day 1!

This year's INKtober is an ambitious one: I am combining three existing art challenges into one super-challenge! I'm using prompts from Drawlloween, the 30 Day Monster Girl Challenge, and Goretober to come up with new illustrations. I need to expand my subject matter - and what better way to do so than with festive, fiendish creatures?

Today's prompts are: ghost, harpy, and excessive gashes or lacerations. I kept it mild where Goretober is concerned - but that won't last for long!

INKtober 2015, Day 1: Solace

Sketchbook pages exploring my prompts. I'm fond of the bottom-left thumbnail, so it may return...

Process showing pencil sketch to painted layers.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

BRAINSICK: Precipice & Sans Warning

BRAINSICK : Precipice
9x12 mixed media on Crescent Rendr paper

BRAINSICK : Sans Warning
9x12 pen and marker on Crescent Rendr paper

Spontaneous art is rare for me these days. Whereas in high school I created much of my work on the fly, now I'm lucky if I don't overthink myself out of finishing x number of ideas.

A couple days ago, I made a sketch I rather liked:

Sketchbook version of Precipice.

I decided to redo it directly on a free sheet of paper. Crescent Rendr paper is wonderful: absolutely nothing bleeds through to the other side. (However, time allows certain marker colors - yellows, in my experience - to cause a bloom on the other side after a couple years.)

Sans Warning is a rework of "Shakin' Like Tremolo" - a spontaneous 2005 drawing:

2005 and 2010 renditions "Shakin' Like Tremolo." Inspired by The Cars' "Moving In Stereo."

It felt wonderful drawing these new pieces. Seeing as INKtober is around the corner, I need to rekindle my ink-madness and get ready for a month of new drawings! I want to elaborate on old and new concepts - hopefully without making anything too similar to what I've done already.

The sketch page of Precipice was drawn to Porcupine Tree's "The Sky Moves Sideways (Alternate)."

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Oaxacan Toucan - DONE!

Wing coverts impressed with a stylus.
Primed with Lyra Color-Giants, finished with Prismacolors.

I decided to color in some of the impressed lines on the bill.

Right wing finished!

The ARM-adillo was helpful for keeping wanted colors organized.

My original five Color-Giants are getting smaller and smaller.

11x14 colored pencil on Strathmore Windpower vellum bristol paper
approx. 17.6 hours

The Oaxacan Toucan is DONE! I finished her in time for a small gallery showing on Wednesday; I have large prints ready to sell at RCCC in a couple weeks.

For its size, the Toucan was completed in a shorter amount of time than most of the preceding Oaxacan Animals. The majority are 9x12.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Oaxacan Toucan, Stage 2!

Priming the throat area with Lyra Color-Giants.
Adding more layers with Prismacolor and Derwent Coloursoft pencils.

Throat finished!

Stage 2 complete! This represents almost 8 hours of work.
Closeup of the lower throat and chest.
Side view of my workstation.
Yes, my room is wall-to-wall furniture!

I took two 10-minute videos of me working on the Toucan during this stage. If I can figure out how to process the videos properly for web view (Premiere Elements or QuickTime?), I'll share them here.

The Toucan's wings will comprise Stage 3. I want them to be highly colorful and textured, like the Hummingbird's wings. Stay tuned!
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