Thursday, October 23, 2014

INKtober 2014, Day 23!

Day 23: Stupid Bunny Suit

6x9 walnut / acrylic ink on Canson Montval watercolor paper

Donnie Darko is one of my favorite films. I just watched it for the first time since high school and realized that I'd never drawn Frank the rabbit. This was a loose, quick painting and so much fun!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

INKtober 2014, Day 22!

Day 22: Coffee Bliss

6x8 brush pen on Strathmore Mixed Media paper

Today was crappy for various reasons. I enjoyed a mug of coffee after work and it helped me relax. Maybe this little barn owl is enjoying her coffee for the same reason.

Rough sketch on left; original idea on right.

INKtober 2014, Day 21!

Day 21: Finch-Finch

6x8 pen and ink on smooth bristol paper

I needed to draw something stupid to make me feel better about my art. I believe it helped.

Rough sketch on left; scan with intact sketch lines on right.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

INKtober 2014, Day 20!

Day 20: Big Head

5x7 pen and ink on Stonehenge paper

Big Head is a secondary protagonist in Brainsick. True to his name, he is egotistical, argumentative, and of daunting intelligence - but underneath it all, still a playful young cat. He's a Singapura mix.

Although his proportions are off, this was a fun little drawing. I don't draw Big Head often enough.

INKtober 2014, Day 19!

Day 19: Two Tigresses

9x12 acrylic ink on Crescent Rendr paper

I meant it when I said Lily would have more of a spotlight this year than she did last year.

Crescent Rendr paper is fantastic. Markers, ink, Sharpies, nothing shows through on the other side of the page (though I've learned that certain markers will discolor the pages after time). I've used three Rendr sketchbooks in the past couple years and look forward to using more. This was drawn on a pad with removable sheets.

 Sketchbook pages exploring Lily's proportions and stylization. Drawn in September.

Confession: this actually started out as Day 5's drawing. I sketched it in Prismacolor marker.

Inking begun on the 19th and finished on the 20th.

 Hiro 45 nib on left, Hunt 513EF on right.
I used Hiro 45 and 60 1/2 to ink this piece.

What the drawing looks like in person, sketch lines and all!

Monday, October 20, 2014

INKtober 2014, Day 18!

Day 18: Tangled Thoughts

5x7 pen and ink on Stonehenge paper

Quick piece done to catch up. I'm back on track now and will do my best to update each night!

INKtober 2014, Day 17!

Day 17: Omen, Good or Ill

5x7 brush and ink on Stonehenge paper

Straight ink painting featuring Char Coal the raven. With more practice, I could use this look for 'official' Brainsick artwork.

INKtober 2014, Day 16!

Day 16: Hell Sat Upon A Hill

6x8 brush and ink on Strathmore Mixed Media paper


There are a wide variety of environments and locations in Brainsick. I rarely draw them, which is a habit I must break. This drawing was based off a thumbnail I drew for my Senior Studio II class:

May 23, 2011
Aban-Buil, the facility Paranoid grew up in, was constructed atop a butte; formerly a state park and avoided by Silver Heights residents on long-held superstitions. I'm really happy with these concepts and I need to develop them more. Draw backgrounds, Jillian. They're important.

Not an exciting piece, but it allowed me to jump out of my I-don't-draw-backgrounds funk.

INKtober 2014, Day 15!

Day 15: Canine Lily & Feline Paranoid

(cropped) 9x12 pen and ink on bristol paper

Bah, another unfinished piece. I wanted to give Canine Lily and Feline Paranoid a background. At this point, that's not going to happen. But it was a fun excuse to species-swap my protagonists! Allyson suggested it a while back and I couldn't resist the prompt. Canine Lily would be a Pharaoh hound / Ibizan hound and Feline Paranoid would be a Ragdoll mix.

Col-Erase sketch.
Canine Lily inked with a Hiro 60 1/2 nib.
Feline Paranoid inked with a Hiro 45 nib.
Sketchbook page from July 2013.

INKtober 2014, Day 14!

Day 14: Great Stag

6x8 brush and ink on Strathmore Mixed Media paper

I finally changed the Stag's proportions to be more realistic (as opposed to dog-deer). This helps differentiate it from Decay, who has an extremely stylized deer body.

The Great Stag is a confrontational but benign hallucination of Paranoid's.

Sketchbook page to figure out the pose.

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