Wednesday, October 29, 2014

INKtober 2014, Day 28!

Day 28: Tyto viridis

5x7 acrylic ink on Stonehenge paper

A quick ink painting using a color I mixed myself. It had been sitting around long enough that it had partially solidified; I found what looked like plastic wrap on my brush tip.

No planning, just painting. Highly relaxing and a great way to finish up my small Stonehenge pad.

INKtober 2014, Day 27!

Day 27: Tailscuff Fights

6x9 technical pen on Canson Montval watercolor paper

Since I've created many looser pieces this month, I wanted to return to my tight-inked roots.

This is sorta-companion piece to Kritchpaw Fights. My goal is to draw Tailscuff, Kritchpaw, and Maubork in one big interaction scene. Although he is a gentle giant at heart, Tailscuff packs more than his fair share of punches when provoked.

Just the lineart for now. I want to shade this the way I did with Kritchpaw and Maubork for last year's INKtober.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

INKtober 2014, Day 26 BONUS!

Day 26: Garden in Black and Red

6x9 brush and ink on Canson Montval watercolor paper

A quick abstract painting I made to wind down after drawing "Teeth For Voices Lost."

INKtober 2014, Day 26!

Day 26: Teeth For Voices Lost

6x9 pen and ink on bristol paper

At long last, I've adapted a sketch I like into a finalized piece I like even more. Hurrah!

I considered adding a neutral background via ink wash, but I decided to fill the negative space with words signifying Paranoid's shifting states. I haven't made art quite like this for some time.

Sketchbook page drawn while listening to Porcupine Tree.

I accidentally smudged the inks, but I didn't want to start over.

INKtober 2014, Day 25!

Day 25: Gesarkhe

9x12 brush and ink on bristol paper

 I created Gesarkhe four years ago. She is Ersphe's shepherding assistant.

Gesarkhe can assume different forms to suit her needs. Her design is a cross between a barn owl and a snow leopard, abstracted into something ethereal.

Brush pen sketches showing possible markings.
Marker sketch I chose to adapt.

Older work:

INKtober 2014, Day 24!

Day 24: Curse of the Eye

6x8 pen and ink / brush and ink on Strathmore Mixed Media paper

Gargoyles is one of my favorite shows. I was hooked on it as a kid, and after rewatching it late last year, I realized how well it holds up. "Eye of the Beholder" is a Halloween-based episode featuring were-Fox. October 24th marked the 20th anniversary of the show's premiere!

This drawing was referenced from a screenshot; Fox is jumping out a window.

I'll upload progress photos for this as soon as I can; my camera's USB cord is dying, so retrieving photos is highly unreliable.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

INKtober 2014, Day 23!

Day 23: Stupid Bunny Suit

6x9 walnut / acrylic ink on Canson Montval watercolor paper

Donnie Darko is one of my favorite films. I just watched it for the first time since high school and realized that I'd never drawn Frank the rabbit. This was a loose, quick painting and so much fun!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

INKtober 2014, Day 22!

Day 22: Coffee Bliss

6x8 brush pen on Strathmore Mixed Media paper

Today was crappy for various reasons. I enjoyed a mug of coffee after work and it helped me relax. Maybe this little barn owl is enjoying her coffee for the same reason.

Rough sketch on left; original idea on right.

INKtober 2014, Day 21!

Day 21: Finch-Finch

6x8 pen and ink on smooth bristol paper

I needed to draw something stupid to make me feel better about my art. I believe it helped.

Rough sketch on left; scan with intact sketch lines on right.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

INKtober 2014, Day 20!

Day 20: Big Head

5x7 pen and ink on Stonehenge paper

Big Head is a secondary protagonist in Brainsick. True to his name, he is egotistical, argumentative, and of daunting intelligence - but underneath it all, still a playful young cat. He's a Singapura mix.

Although his proportions are off, this was a fun little drawing. I don't draw Big Head often enough.
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