Friday, June 28, 2013

Oaxacan Coyote, Stage 12!

Time to define the area around the crescent moon!
Indigo Blue added to Non-Photo Blue scumbling layer.
To make this area more interesting, I add some swirls.
Jump to: foreleg patterns!
Impressed with one of my larger stylus points.

Progress pull-back.

Now, back to the forelegs!

Obligatory Shiny Shot™. :D
Back to the shoulder.

How should I tie in the rib area to the shoulder?

Dark Purple to the rescue!

Shoulder complete!

Throat on the portrait view finished!
Finishing layers begun on the Coyote's cheek and jaw.
True Blue, Indigo Blue, and Non-Photo Blue.
My workspace lighting: two OttLites and one regular lamp.

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